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Life changing volunteer visit to Cambodia for Roncalli school girls 

Last updated 12:03, August 7 2016

One of eight houses built by Roncalli students near Siem Reap, Cambodia, in conjunction with the Tabitha Foundation.

In July 2016 a small group of Roncalli College students embarked on a social justice trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. The idea was to give back something to the communities and charities they visited, including funding and building eight houses for the rural poor in Cambodia. Senior reporter Stu Piddington was one of the three parents who travelled with the group and he gives an insight to what happened.

It is always easy to tell young people they might make a difference, but for 15 Roncalli girls they certainly left their mark after 20 days away, especially among the poor in Cambodia.

In 30-plus degrees Celsius the girls toiled away nailing floors and iron on the eight houses they had funded to build, in a village that had never before experienced homes anything like it.

Click here for the full story.


Anna Whyte

City helps to clothe and house Fijians

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Break Free Expeditions rebuilds a rugby dorm in Fiji. Photo / Break Free Expeditions

Break Free Expeditions rebuilds a rugby dorm in Fiji. Photo / Break Free Expeditions

Tauranga residents have banded together to help the people of Fiji after the devastating cyclone Winston hit in February.

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Anna Whyte

Cyclone won't stop dorm build

Wednesday 24 February 2016


   Papamoa's Vanuatu rebuilders

Posted on 24th Jul 2015 16:50 | By Andrew Campbell

An organised team of volunteers from Papamoa have returned from Vanuatu after last week accomplishing four post-cyclone construction projects in five days.

The team of 32 completed $50,000 worth of projects, including a concrete block home for a family whose tin shack was blown away in the cyclone and community toilets for a village of 200.  

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Posted at 12:42pm Sunday 19th Aug, 2012 | By Corrie Taylor


Slumdog Millionaire Moment Sparks Global Social Enterprise
27 September 2013
They’ll probably make a movie about Diana Judge one day.

The plot outline?

High-flying Kiwi Global Brand Manager for Shell Oil based in North America, has a ‘slum-dog millionaire’ moment while on business in India and gives up her lucrative lifestyle to establish an international aid agency, building homes for the poor through volunteer tourism.  Click here for the full story.

   Local ladies prep for Mexican build

Posted at 12:42pm Sunday 19th Aug, 2012 | By Corrie Taylor

Four Tauranga women are among an all-girl group heading to Mexico next month to build a house for a poverty-stricken single mother and her three children.

The trip is run through charity Breakfree Expeditions, fronted by Tauranga woman Diana Judge, who met with the four women this week to hand over their all-important and ever-feminine pink tool belts.  Click here for the full story.

Clothing sale exceeds hopes

Posted at 3:43pm Sunday 17th Jun, 2012 | By Corrie Taylor

Nearly $1800 was raised to help build houses for the homeless in Cambodia at this week’s massive $2 clothing sale in Mount Maunganui.  Click here for the full story.

From Brunswick West, Melbourne to Mexico to help build a home

23rd May 2012.

ON a holiday to Mexico most people expect to visit tourist attractions, not become one.

But becoming one was exactly what happened to Brunswick West dad Robert Martin last year when he helped build a home for a poor family in a slum in Tijuana.

Mr Martin was part of a group of Aussies that spent three days constructing a four-room timber kit home for a single mum-of-three living in a dirt-floored shack, as part of a trip with global volunteer travel facilitator Break Free Expeditions.  Click here for the full story.


High Flyer to Poorest of Poor

Wednesday, 09 March 2011 by Clayton Bjelan

A high power global marketing executive leaves Shell oil to serve the poorest of the poor - but with a twist!  Hear the story of Diana Judge today as she chats with Clayton.


Follow the story of Diana from Shell to touring with a Rock Band and now running volun-tourism programs with Break Free Exhibitions


Listen to the interview for free with Diana Judge, including EXCLUSIVE  online only content on Diana's perpective of why western societies care more for the rest of the world.

Courtney off Mexico way to build homes

Bay of Plenty Times

Ellen Irvine/ 4th August 2010

Courtney Tilby is a girlie girl who likes netball and wants to be a fashion designer.  But the Tauranga Girls College pupil will swap her sewing machine for a paintbrush and ahmmer in September when she travels to Mexico on a 3 week building trip.  Click here for full story.

A school made of toilet paper

NZ Herald Logo
By Natasha Mitchell

Tauranga woman Diana Judge is asking people to help her wipe away poverty by buying toilet paper to help her raise funds for charity projects around the world. Click here for full story.

High-flyer quits career to become real success

NZ Herald Logo
4:00AM Monday 10 August 2009
By Tamsyn Parker
A former high-flying Shell executive who once led a 600 strong marketing team has turned her hand to volunteer tourism to help build homes for the poor in Mexico and Africa. Click here for full story.

Volunteer Tourism - Diana Judge and Lorna Gray

Radio NZ Logo
11:30AM Tuesday 1st September 2009 - Nine to Noon Show
Diana Judge was a high-flying Shell Oil executive who retired at 37 and now organises expeditions to Mexico to build houses in the slums. She founded Breakfree Expeditions a company which arranges trips to Mexico.

Lorna Gray has been on two expeditions to Mexico - taking her daughter with her and other teenagers. Says it gives kids a different perspective on the world and is a great experience for them.

Click here to listen to the full Radio NZ interview